Ann Arbor City Council Minutes, June 25, 1900

Publisher: Ann Arbor City Council

Date: June 25, 1900

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J UNE 25, 1900. ; 3 i ADJOURNED MEii.TiNG.

COUNCIL CHAMBERS, A N N ARBOR, June 25. 1900. Called to order by the Clerk.

On motion Aid. Coon was elected president pro tem. KoU call: Present--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Hchlenker, lionde, Kearns, Brown, Grose, Weeks, Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer--12. Absent--Aid. Uiehards, Vandawarker. Pres. Seabolt - 3 .

To the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor:

Gentlemen--Your special committee heretofore appointed in reference to the slaughter houses, beij leave to re-port that they have had the matter

imder consideration and have given the same a tuU and careful invest-igation, and are of the opinion that it would be greatly to the advantage of the city to have said slaughter houses removed from their present location,

that said slaughter houses, as noAv lo-cated, are not only a nuisance that the property owners of the tifth ward and of Ivingsley st. and CornAvell place are

entitled to have abated, but that the close proximity of said houses to the tifth vs^ard school and the influence that the property owners of the fifth

that the slaughtering of animals must have and for many years has had upon the minds of the children af said city, is a disgrace that should be wiped out

at once, and your committee would recommend th at the citj^ of Ann Arbor join with the Michigan Central Rail-road Co. and purchase said property provided the city can have said prop-erty to be used for a park, or to make

such other use of the said lands as shall be deemed expedient,' and pro- vided the M. C. R. R. Co. will pay one half of the purchase thereof, and your

eonimittee would ask th at it be m-striTcted and empowered to enter into negotaitions wiith the owners of said slaughter, houses and the representa- tive of said property and report the same to this council, and your commit-

tee would hereby recommend that in case said property cannot be acquired for a price that seems reasonal)le to

Schlen-Grose. Fischer

this council, tlien that the city attor-ney be directed to file a hill in eqiiaty to have the nuisance heretofore re-ferred to abated and to enjoin the oAvners of said slau-^hter houses from mak-ing use of said property as slaughter

houses. All of Avliicli is respectfully sub- mitted. ARTHUR BROWN.


Md^^ai-inriitiHi -tno-^^ed tliat -t^iej^epor!!: b / a m e n d e d : t o j b e effectJ:liat'"any con tractor wish in g,4 o^4 tli di: aw his bi now held by the board shall have hi^^4^etiTi'nedr-to-h1nri7 - -- -- -Adopted as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, ker, Rhode, Kearns, Brown, \\'eeks. Coon, .jenney, Bliton, --12.

Nays--None. To the Common Council: The Board of Public Works respect-tully report t hat when the plans and specifications for the paving of Huron St. were referred to this Board by your honorable body such plans and specifications appear not to contain specifications for the construction of such pavement of asphalt block on a gravel foundation. After further con-sideration we are of the opinion that

tenders for such paving construction ought to be called for and included in the specifications and that kind of pavement ought to be considered. Our former report and the resolution of your honorable body called for bids

for block asphalt pavement on con-crete foundation only. From a further

investigation of this method of pave-ment we find it is most commonly con- structed on gravel, and feeling assured that such a pavement will be strong and durable for Huron st. we-submit that in the event the tenders for such construction shall be favorable that this method of pavement construction ought to be given consideration.

AVe therefore beg leave to return the plans and specifications and our esti-

mates for the construction of the Hu-ron St. pavement to the Common Conn 332 C O U N C I L P R O C E E D I N G S ,

c.l with the recommendation and re-quest that tlie same be further amend-

ed by adding thereto specifications for blocli asphalt construction on a gravel foundation as follows: Aid. Hamilton moved that the report be amended to tlie effect th at any con-tractor wisliing to withdraAV liis bid

now held by the Board shall have the bid returned to him.

Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Schlenker, Rhode, Kearns, Brown, Grose, Weeks, Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer --12. Nays--None.

The report as thus amended was adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Schlen-ker, Rhode, Kearns, Brown, Grose, Weeks, Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer-- 12.

Nays^None. T, 'T, By Aid Koch: v ' ' v .

Resolved that the pavement of Hu-ron St., from the west line of Ashley St. to the west line of State St., accord-ing to the plans and specifications therefor, is deemed and aeclared to be a necessary improvement.

Resolved further, that the plans, specifications and estimates of the Board of Public Works for such pro-posed (improvement, as amended by the Common Council, be certified to by the Board of Public Works with direc-

tions to retain the bids for such im-provement now on tile with the board and to advertise for tenders for the construction of such work with asphalt block, according to the specifications, and when such bids sliall be- received to reported all bids for such improve-ments to the Common Council with

their recommendation thereto.

Aid. Hamilton moved That bids be asked for brick or gravel foundation.

Lost as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Schlenker, Rhode, Kearns, Coon--5. Nays--Aid. Koch, Brown, Grose, Weeks, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer--7. On motion of Aid. Brown the lower-ing of water pipe on Observatory st. was referred to the Street Committee and city attorney.

A communication from the Michi-gan Milling Co. was received and placed on tile. Moved by Aid. Brown that Rule 21

be suspended. Adopted as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Schlen-ker, Rhode, Kearns, Brown, Grose, Weeks, Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischetr --12. ..

Nays--None. Moved by Aid. Brown that a warrant be drawn in favor of the Michigan Milling CO'. for .$1,405, the same to be deliA-ered by the city clerk on receipt of the proper deeds from the city at- torney. Adopted as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Rohde, Kearns. Brown, Grose, Weeks, Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer--13.

Nays--Aid Schlenker--1.

Moved by Aid. Brown that Geo. W. Sweet be granted permission to place

weighing scales on Fourth ave. on the condition that he remove them at any time when so ordered by the Common Council.

Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Rohde, Kearns, Brown, Grose, Weeks, Coon, Jenney,

Bliton, liischer--10. Nays--Aid. Koch, Schlenker--2.

A petition from the Hiu'on Valley Building & Savings association Avas received and referred to the Street and Sewer Committee.

On motion the Council adjourned.

JAS. E. HARKINS, Oity Clerk.