Ann Arbor City Council Minutes, September 28, 1894

Publisher: Ann Arbor City Council

Date: September 28, 1894

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OCTOBER 1, 1894.

ANN ARBOR, Sept. 28th, 1894.

Special session.

Called to order by the Clerk.

Roll called. Quorum present.

Absent- Ald. Wagner, Martin, Ferguson, Brown, Taylor and Pres. Wines- 6.

On motion of Ald. Kitson, Ald. Manly was elected president pro tem.

The Clerk read the following call of this meeting:

Ann Arbor, Mich., September 28, 1894.

W.J. MILLER, City Clerk.

Dear Sir: You are hereby directed to call a special session of the Common Council for this Friday evening, Sept. 28, 1894, at 7:30 sharp, at the council chamber, for the purpose of determining a name for the city's park.




After the making of a few pleasant remarks by Ald. Prettyman, he offered the following:

Whereas, The Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor has learned with great pleasure of the celebration of the ninetieth anniversary of the birthday of our illustrious fellow-citizen, Ex-Governor Alpheus Felch, and

Whereas, the Common Council deems it fitting to commemorate this day and event by establishing a perpetual memorial to the pure and stainless character, the lofty purposes and noble achievements of this distinguished man;

Now, Therefore, Be it Resolved, that in furtherance of the purpose and design herein set forth, that piece of land lying between Huron street and Washington street and east of Twelfth street in said city, heretofore purchased by the city of Ann Arbor and devoted to the uses and purposes of a public park shall be known and designated Forever as "ALPHEUS FELCH PARK."

Which resolution was adopted by a unanimous vote.

By Ald. Wood:

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions naming the park, be duly attested by the City Clerk, under the municipal seal, be presented to the Honorable Alpheus Felch immediately upon the adjournment of this Council.


On motion the Council adjourned.

City Clerk.

ANN ARBOR, October 1, 1894.

Regular session.

Called to order by President Wines.

Roll called. Quorum present.

Absent- Ald. Ferguson and Brown- 2.

The journal of the last session was approved.


ANN ARBOR, MICH., Sept. 18, 1891.

To the Common Council, City of Ann Arbor:

I hereby tender you my resignation as a member of The Board of Public Works, the same to take effect Sept. 18th.

Thanking you for past favors, shown me as a member of the Board, I am

Most respectfully yours,


Received and filed.


To the Common Council:

The Board of Public Works, beg leave to submit the following report of its doings in the matter of obtaining bids for the construction of lateral sewers in Districts No. 1 and No. 2.

The Board caused notice of the City wants to be published in the local newspapers and also distributed among well known sewer contractors such notice; and as a result on the day set for closing such offer, had seven-teen bids, all of which bids are submitted herewith. Each bid was accompanied with the necessary certified bank check.

After due consideration of all tenders for the construction of the said lateral sewers, the Board of Public Works finds that the bids of Stevenson, Reid & Co., of Port Huron, Mich., for building lateral sewer in District No. 1, and of Herman Hutzel for building lateral sewer in District No 3, together with estimated extras in each sewer district respectively, are the lowest bids received and recommend that the said bids be accepted and that contracts be made with such parties.

By order of the Board of Public Works,


Received and filed.


To the Common Council:

The Board of Public Works, to whom was referred the matter of preparing plans and estimate of the cost of rebuilding the main sewer, &c, as recommended by special sewer commiteee, report that the Board caused the City Engineer to make plans of a change of route, commencing at the manhole north of the M.C.R.R. tracks thence running westerly on the M.C.R.R. Co. right of way to the east end of their Freight office thence south and intersect with the main sewer on Depot street. The Board have caused an estimate to be made of this route which is $3,905.35, and an estimate for the repairing of the main sewer on old line, $4,180.95 with 24-inch iron pipe which plans and estimates are herewith submitted and made a part of this report.