Ann Arbor City Council Minutes, October 15, 1928

Publisher: Ann Arbor City Council

Date: October 15, 1928

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COMMON C O U N C I I ^ - O C T O B E R 15, 1928 195 Council Chamber, Ann Arbor, voters permissible in a precinct October 15, 1928. with and without voting machines,

REGULAR ME ET IN G ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ rep ort of app rox imat e _- . -, , n 1 -r^ expenses necessary to subdivide Meeting called to order bp P r e s - existing wards to comply with the ident Woodbury State law. Each Alderman presen t

P re s e n t : Aid. Slauson, Wu erth , expressed his views on th e m a t t e r . Maulbetsch, Graf, H ar ri s , Bradley, Moved by Alderman Bursley and Severance, Kurth, Bursley, Town- supported by Alderman Slauson, ley, Lutz, Fisher, P re s . Woodbury, t h a t Committee recommends to

\ , . , , . . . ,. Common Council the pu rch asi ng of Ab sent: Aid. Allmendmger, voting machines on the ten y ear ^^^P^^>> 2. plan. Adopted. City Clerk recommended t h a t F R E D C. P E R R Y, th e printed proceedings of Octo- Deputy City Clerk ^Z ^'1 \^^\>^ ^''''T^^i ^l n^^' Moved by Aid. Bursley t h a t recing 1st estimate L. W Dailey ommendation be concurred in. contract after Labor Curb and Adopted by following vote: Gutt er Dist, No. 151, on page No. y e a s . Aid. Slauson, Allmendinger, Moved by Aid. Slauson t h a t f e ^ T u ^ V f s h e r ^ ' P r e ^ ^

Y e t s ' ^ K S l a L o n , ' w u r?h, MTU^I: ^ - ^ ' H ar ri s , Draper, Bradley 6 / ' betsch, Graf, Harri s, Bradley, Sev- Zl^^^ erance Kurth Bursley, Townley, % ^ h e r e is no appropriation in

Lutz, Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 13. ^^^ budget for this purpose. IN ays, none. , , 2. This m a t t e r seems to me to

Printed proceedings, as amended, ^^ ^^ sufficient import t h a t t a x -were approved. p^^^^^ ^^ ^^-^ ^-^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^

Mayor^s Veto voice in the m at ter. If the elec-October 4 1928 ^^^^ decide t h a t they desire votMr. L G. Reynolds, C i t y ' c i e r k ! ing machines the money to buy the Ann Arbor Mich. same could be raised without p ayDear Sir* ' i^S a high r a t e of interest th e reI re t u r n herewith the proceed- ^^^- ^ , . , i - i ings of th e Common Council of 3. The question h as been raised

October 1, 1928, without approval, ^s to wh ether the machine m The following portion of the pro- Question is the most economical ceedings wherein t he recommenda- ^^^ practical in the m ark et, tion of the meeting of the com- 4. The rapidity with which the

mittee of the whole was concurred ^se of th e voting machines w a s in bv the Council is disapproved: decided upon and the h aste with

. ' .^^ . ",- - _ which th is particular machine w as Committee of Whole Report selected raises th e question whethAnn Arbor, Mich., Sept. 24, *28 er we have been thorough enough P u r s u a n t to call Council m et as in our consideration of the m a t t e r a Committee of the Whole a t 7:30 and entirely businesslike in our p. m. and the following members choice. were present: Aid. Slauson, F o r th e reasons mentioned I Wuerth, Maulbetsch, Almendinger, question whether we have acted in

H ar ri s , Draper, Severance, Kurth, th e best interests of our t a x p a y e r s , Bursley, Townley, Fisher, P res . and in the hope th a t t he m a t t e r Woodbury, 12. will be given more complete study Absent: Aid. Graf, Bradley, and will be b rough t more fully to

Lutz, 3. the attentio n of our citizens whose Aid. Slauson read e x t ra ct s of money we propose t o spend, I election laws relative to number of therefore deem it wise to take this

196 COMMON COUNCIL--OCTOBER 15, 1928 action. Respectfully,

EDWAR D W. S T A E B L E R , E W S : A W Mayor. Moved by Aid. Bursley t h a t th e recommendation of the Committee of Whole be re-adopted. The Chair put the question, "Shall the motion pass, t h e May-or's veto n o t w i t h s t a n d i n g ? "

Lost by following v o te: Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Severance, Ku rt h , Bursley, Townley, Lutz, Fis her, Pre s. Woodbury, 8. N ay s, Aid. Wu erth, Maulbetsch, Graf, H a r r i s , Bradley, 5.

By Aid. Slauson: Resolved, t h a t the city engineer

be instructed to p rep are plans and specifications and an e s ti m a t e of cost for construction of a building t h a t meets t he req u i rem e nt s of the

election law for a polling place. Resolved, further, t h a t a com-

m ittee of one ald erm an from each ward be appointed, who shall in- v estigate the location and cost of sites, either by lease or purchase,

for th e necessary number of poll-ing places for both ballots and vot-

ing machines; such committee to rep ort at a date not lat er t h an the

first meeting of this Council in December.

Adopted by following vote: Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Maulbetsch Graf, Harri s, Bradley, Severanc K u rth , Bursley, Townley, Lu Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 12. Najfs, Aid. Wu erth, 1.

Chair appointed Ju n i o r Aldek-m a n of each ward. Aid. W u e r t h chairman.

" J ames to wn , New York, Oct. 15, 1928.

To the Honorable, the Mayor, and Common Council of

Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gentlemen:

As an altern ative to t he Ren tal-Pu rchase contract vetoed by his Honor, the Mayor, we hereby ofl'er to furnish t h e City for use in the November election, eighteen voting machines or a ny p a r t thereof on a

s t r a i g h t ren t al basis of $75.00 per machine under the t er m s and con-

ditions a s set forth in the attach ed r e n t a l ag ree m en t .

Said machines ar e now r e ad y for immediate delivery.

Respectfully you rs. Automatic Reg is terin g

Machine Co., Inc., By D. A. Wolfe,

Michigan rep rese nt at iv e. Moved by Aid. Bursley, t h a t pro-posal be accepted and t h a t eighteen

machines be rentedtfor the Novem-ber election.

Adopted by following v r t e : Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Severance, K u rt h , Bursley, Townley, Lutz, Fish er, P re s . Woodbury, 8. N ay s ,

Aid. W u e rt h , Maulbetsch, Graf, H a r r i s , Bradley, 5.

Fro m Board of Public Wo rk s

Moved by Mr. Rentschler, t h a t Board r eq u es t s Council to consider

the re-draftin g of t he ordinance r e -lating to electric signs, so t h a t th e

same will include all signs and t he method of obtaining p erm it s ex- pedited. (Council action)

Referred to Ordinance Commit-tee. ( F r o m Board)

Report of Sidewalks Built by City

Ann Arbor, Mich. Oct. 12, 1928. To t he Honorable, th e Common Council,

Gentlemen: I submit the following r ep o rt of

sidewalks built by t he Board of Public Wo rk s and charged to t he p ro p e rt y owners, as per your or-der. The amo unt placed after each

description being t h e actual cost of the walk with t e n per cent add- ed, this being the amount which is a lien upon the prop erty, in ac-

cordance with an ordinance en-titled, *'An ordinance to re g u l at e and nrovide for t h e g rad in g, con-s tructin g, building, repairin g , r e -

newing and rebuilding of side-walks and providing for the cost,

colle'ction and assessment thereof when built, repaired or rebuilt by the city, and to repeal any and all

COMMON C O U N C I I ^ - O C T O B E R 15, 1928 197 ordinances conflicting th ere wi th . " Brown & Bach Add. $20.21. Passed Jun e 2, 1924; approved Jun e g. Main--

4, 1924. I n t e r s t a t e Credit Co. P a r t of E. Catherine St.-- Sec. 32, S. Main. $82.38.

Sarah C. Hanna, W. 49.5 ft. of F . & M. Bank, P a r t of Sec. lot 6, B 2 N, R 11 E. E a s t e r n Add. 32 bounded N by Braun land, E by $54 95 S. Main, S and W by In t e r s t a t e Church S t r e e t - Credit Co. $73.72.

Mrs. E. K. Taylor, Lot 46 ex- Mt. Pleasant-- cept E 16.5 ft. and N 46.5 ft. R. S. F r a n k Zachman, Lot 141, EberSmith's Add. $35.09. white -st Add. $56.25. E Davis ^- T,^* Zachman, Lot 142, EberA r t h u r Richer, E. 8 Oft. of fol- ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^- $65.87. lowing description: Lot 3 and p a r t Mt. P leas ant and Madison-- lot 12 lying W of the E line of H. D. Bauer, Lot 146, Eberwhite lots 1 and 2 extended. Brown & 1st Add. $98.36. Bach's Add. $53.33. Second S t r e e t -Fifth Street-- Mary E. Girardin, Lot 7, B 6 S,

Mrs. A. G. Hall, Lot 38, G. F . R 1 W, Wm. S. Maynard 2nd add. Allmendinger Add. $113.57. $136.98. Elsa Trubey, Lot 40, G. F . All- S. University near Wa sh ten aw-- mendinger Add. $44.27. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, beginning G. F. Allmendinger, Lot 41, G. at cor. Wash ten aw and S. Univer-F . Allmendinger Add. $44.27. sity, bounded N by S. University, N. Fo u rt h Ave.-- E and S by sorority land and M. E. Colored Church, 525 of lot W ash ten aw Ave., and W by G. 6, Ormsby & Pag e Add. $56.39. Blaich land. $48.12. Greene Street Hudson Morton, Lot 34 R. S.

Chas. Jonowski, N 41 ft. of lot Smith's Add $71.31. ^^ ^ ^ 19, Brown & Bach Add. $37.82. ^ -^u.^ Fj^^'^^^on^o ^^' ^' ^T, John Frey, Lot 4, J. H. Brown S m i t h s Add. $130.98.

Add. $67.46. Willard-- Bertha Kretlow, Lot 3, J. H. Lavinia McBride, W 57 ft. of E. Brown Add. $59.67. 132 ft. of lot 8 B 1, R. S. Smith's Vincent Aquinto, Lot 22, Brown 2d add. $56.84. & Bach Add. $75.16. Mary Olds. E i/^ of W 1/3 of Hin and Greene-- ! ? i ^ L ^ " ^ o ? % ? ^' ^* ^- Smith's

Hester Dickson, N 92.16 ft. of ^^ ^^^- ?^l-^6-lot 16, W. A. Benedict's Add. Green Street-- $89.12. Maggie Brown Payne, S. 37 ft. W. Huron Street-- *^f ^ ^'^ of lot 14, W. A. Benedict's

H a r r y Soroless. S Vo of lot 4, ^^^' *43.31. 66 ft. X 66 ft. B 1 N, R 2 E. $153.76. W. Huron S t r e e t Main and Davis, N. E. Catherine Hanselmann. No. 1310, Ingalls land on N side of W. Huron bounB. Shank, S 36 ft. of lot 5 and ded N by Wildwood Pk. Add. 1. E S 36 ft. of E 16.5 of lot 6, B 2 N, by Niethammer land, W by DougR 11 E. $30.99 las land, S by W. Huro n St. Minnie H y at t, N 50 ft. of lot 1 $103.07. and N. 50 ft. of W 33 ft. of lot 2 Pine Ridge-- F. J. R. Crane's Sub. B 1 N, R 12 E, R. E. Reichert, Lot 14, Pine

E as t e rn Add. $4.23. Ridge. $31.76. Main and Davis-- H. L. VanWagoner, Lot 13 Pine

Oscar Hildinger, Lot 3 and p a r t Ridge. $31.76. of lot 12 lying W of E line of lots N. Seventh Street-- 1 and 2 extended except E 80 ft. D. U. R. righ t of way. Wm.


Schmidt's 1st add. $6.05. N. Seventh St. and Hu ro n -- A. R. Morris, N. 22 ft. of E. 80

ft. of Lot 8; S 58 ft. of E. 80 ft. of lot 9; Gruner & Mann's add. $53.90. Third Street--

Luella Hard y , Lot 1, Assessor's Plat 3, blk. 4. $29.26. Willow Street-- A. A. Loan & In vestm ent Co.,

W 48 ft. of lot 9 and W 48 ft. of N. 22 ft. of lot 8. Also beginning

5 ft. W of NW cor. lot 9, thence S. parallel to W. line of lot 9, 88 ft. E 3 ft. S 37 ft. W 34 ft. S 40 ft. E to W. line of lot 7, N along W line of lots 6, 8, 9 to Willow, th en W 53 ft. Grun er & Mann's Add. $55.88. Flo ra Meyers, E 23.8 ft. of lot

10 and 11 and E 23.8 ft. of the N 1/2 of lot 12 and N 165 ft. of land platted as Mineral St., except E 5 ft. of the N 88 ft. and S 40 ft. of the E 36 ft., Gruner & Mann's add. $13.53.

L. G. McBride, Lots 1 and 2, W. D. Schmidt's add. $25.16.

C. L. Bucholz, Lot 4, W. B. Schmidt's 1st add. $17.90.

Miller Ave.-- J a y G. P ray , Lot 64, Arbor View Sub. $49.28. J a y G. P r ay , Lot 62, Arbor View

Sub. $58.08. Tom Whitley, Lot 63, Arbor View Sub. $49.28. Ann Street-- J u n i u s E. Beal, No. 103, W. 46

ft. of the S 97 ft. of lot 4 and E 20 ft. of W 7 ft. of S 97 ft. of lot 4, B 2 N, R 4 E. $97.15. Booth Publishing Co., Nos. 105

and 107. E 20 f t of S. 80 f t of lot 4. W 24 ft. of S 80 ft. of Lot 3, B 2 N, R 4 E. $92.92. Dana McComb and E. M. Wooster, No. 109. W y2 of E 42 ft. of S 80 ft. of Lot 3, B 2 N, R 4 E. $91.36. Geo. B. Sudworth, No. 121. S 57

ft. of W 21 ft. 6 inches of Lot 1, B 2 N, R 4 E. $133.82.

Hoover Ave.-- Fredericka H a r t m a n , No. 118. W

431^ f t of lot 39 and E 16 Y2 f t of lot 40. Brown & Bach Add.

$56.32. Adolph Wiese, No. 126. W I7V2 ft. lot 38, E 22 y2 ft. lot 39. $44.00. M ar y Sinke, Lot 7 and 8, Brown

&Bach Add. $305.36. S. Seventh St.-- Charles J and Alice R. Andrews,

Lot 147, Allmendinger Hei g ht s Add. $51.04.

G. F r a n k Allmendinger E s t , Lot 121, Allmendinger Hei g ht s Add. $44.00. G. F r a n k Allmendinger Est., Lot

123, Allmendinger Heigh ts Add. $44.00.

G. F r a n k Allmendinger Est., Lot 124, Allmendinger He ig h ts Add. $44.00. T. H. and Mertie W ad h a m s , Lot

125, Allmendinger Heigh ts Add. $118.80.

A u g u s t Birk, E. 132 ft. of fol-lowing described land. P a r t of NW V2 01 Sec. 32, Ann Arbor. Bounded N by Pauline Blvd., E by Seventh St., S. by Allmendinger Heights Add. and W by city boundary. $173.36. F re d and Lena Mahlke, No. 710. The N 45 ft. of the S 58 ft. of E 132 ft. of lot 18, Thompson, Spoor

& Thompson Add. $39.60. Otto B. and Glenna Gillig. No.

618. E 205 f t of lot 14, E 205 it. of N 371/2 ft. of lot 15. Thomp- son, Spor & Thompson Add. $112.64.

Stacy R. and Florence Guild, No. 562. S 72 ft. of lot 11, Thompson, Spoor & Thompson Add. $63.36. Stacy R. and Florence Guild, No. 562. Lot 12, Thompson, Spoor & Thompson Add. $72.60.

Stacy R. and Florence Guild, No. 562. Lot 13, Thompson, Spoor & Thompson Add. $72.60. Stacy R. and Florence Guild, S.

41V2 f t of lot 16, Thompson, Spoor & Thompson Add. $36.52.

S. Ashley St.-- J o h n and Vernaick Bubleri, N. 44 ft. of S. 60 V2 ft. of lot 7, Wil-liam S. Maynard Add. $45.76.

Lewis Allen and Others, E. 56 ft. of N. 54 ft. of lot 1, t h a t p a r t

COMMON COUNCIL--OCTOBER 15, 1928 199 of S 12 ft. of lot 1 N. 32 ft. of lot Chamber, City Hall, the 19th day 2, lying E of A. A. R. R. r i g h t of of November, 1928, a t 2 o'clock

way, $93.28. p. m., E a s t e r n Standard Time. Miller Avenue Resolved, further, t h a t the City

Wilhelm and Elsie Nonnemach- ^ ^ r k give notice of said meeting er. Lot 65, Arbor View Sub. $42.24. i " accordance with the ordmance Elton and Hazel E ar n e r , Lot 66, governing the same ^ Arbor View Sub. $52.80. Adopted by following vote: Cathelia Selleck and Florence Yeas Aid. Slauson, Wuerth, Maul-Pollock, Lot 18, John Allen Sub. betsch, Grat H arris , Bradley, Sev| 4 g 64 erance, Kurth, Bursley, Townley, Cathelia Selleck and Florence L^^z, Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 13.

Pollock, Lot 17, J oh n Allen Sub. ^ a y s , none. $46.64. From Board of Police

Cathelia Selleck and Florence Commissioners Pollock, Lot 16. $73.30. ^ o the Honorable, the Jackson Avenue-- Common Council, Sara E. Hanna, Lot 150, Killing Gentlemen:

Heights Sub. $4.40. We respectfully announce the Susie Ind, Lot 151, Kilins appointment of H a r r y O. Tillotson Heights Sub. $37.84. and L. D. Thomas as special police Myrtel Mulholland, Lot 121, Kil- for the University of Michigan lins Heights Sub. $38.72. Athletic Association without pay Miner Street-- from the city,

William G. and Clara Behnke, Respectfully submitted, Lot 20, Stocking's Add. A parcel Wm. L. Dawson, Jos. L. Arof land bounded E by Miner St. as net, Wm. L. Walz, now extends from Felch St. to Mil- Board of Police Commissioners,

ler Ave., W by DeVore & Burke Ordered on file, land, N by Peoples Construction October 12, 1928. Co. land, S by Miller Ave. P a r t of To the Honorable, the Lot 20. $284.24. Common Council,

Clarence and Mary Muirhead, Gentlemen: Lot IV, J a m e s B. Gott 2d add. Your Board of Police Commis$130.24. sioners desires to have the Ford W. Third St. end of Mosley-- and Studebaker g a r a g e s tak e care

Pauline Wu rs t er, Lot 1, B 2, As- of repairs on Police autos. sessor's Plat 2. 51.92. Rspectfully submitted, Virginia Ave.-- Wm. L. Dawson, Chairman, Flora E. Leever, Lot 136, Kil- Wm. L. Walz. lin's Heights Sub. $51.04. Referred to Budget Committee. I hereby certify t h a t the fore- Oct. 15, 1928.

going is a t ru e copy of rep ort adop- Honorable Common Council, ted by the Board of Public Works Gentlemen:

October 12, 1928. I desire to go to the annual ISAAC G. REYNOLDS, meeting of the American Public

City Clerk. Heal th Association a t Chicago. In (Council action) session this week. Expense to be By Aid. Graf: t aken from budget as provided. Resolved, t h a t the report of the Respectfully, Board of Public Works be accepted. John A. Wessinger, Resolved, further, t h a t the Com- Health Officer, mon Council sit as a Board of Re- Referred to Budget Committee. view to review the rep ort and cer- Oct. 15, 1928. tificate of the Board of Public Honorable Common Council, Works and t h a t said Board of Re- Gentlemen: view shall be held at the Council The filling of the 8th Street

200 COMMON C O U N C I I ^ O C T O B E R 15, 1928

dumping ground is completed. We a re now ready to go to the Cedar

St reet p ro p e rt y to begin work. Hoping t h a t this m a y meet your favorable approval, I am, Respectfully,

Jo h n A. Wessinger, Health Officer.

Referred to P a r k and S a n i ta ry Committee.

Petition of William S. Mills, et al., for sidewalk on westerly side of Awixa Ave. from Lenawee to Geddes Ave., received and referred to Sidewalk Committee. Petition of E. W. Cahill, et al.,

for street light a t corner of Bur-wood and W. Hu ro n St., received

and referred to Li gh tin g Commit-tee.

Request of L. J. Young to pu r-chase a number of elm t rees at sewage disposal site, received. Moved by Aid. Slauson, t h a t m a t t e r be referred to Superinten-dent of P a rk s with power to act.

Adopted by following v o te: Yeas, Aid. Slauson, W u ert h , Maulbetsch, Graf, Ha rr i s , Bradley, Sev-erance, Kurth, Bursley, Townley,

Lutz, Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 13. Na ys, none.

P ro t es t from George W ah r, et al., ag ains t proposed change of p ro perty a t No. 114 N. Division St. from Class ' B " to Class " C , " re - ceived and referred to Ordinance Committee.

Application of Edwin E. Linton for appointment as Building In- spector received and ordered on file.


Police Fund Thos. O'Brien, salary $ 114.50 Louis Fohey, salary 87.50

N orm a n Cook, salary . . . 87.50 S h erm an Mortenson, sal. 87.50 M. G. Howard, salary 78.50 Chas. Kapp, salary 78.50 Irwin Keebler, salary . . . . 78.50 Harold Gee, s al a ry 78.50

Benj. Ball, salary 78.50 Roland Wooster, Salary . 78.50 H e r m a n Suma, sal ary . . 78.50 Oscar Weir, salary 78.50

Thos. Fohey, salary 78.50

Julius Ehn is, salary . . . . 78.50 W a l t e r Schmid, salary . 78.50

Albert Heusel, salary . . . . 78.50 J o h n Osborn, salary 78.50 Wm. Marz, s alary 78.50 H a r r y Smith, s alary 78.50

Clifford West, salary 78.50 Casper Michelson, s a l a ry . 78.50 Wm. Hitchingham, s al a ry 78.50 Clark Earl , salary 78.50

Roy Richter, salary 78.50 Irwin Davidson, s alary . 78.50

Eugene Gehringer, s a la ry 78.50 Richard Burman, salary , 78.50 Clyde Hahn, salary 72.00

Police Fun d total salaries October $2,254.50

F i re Fund V2 month

Chas. Andrews, salary . .$ Henry McLaren, salary Ralph Ed wa rd s , salary .. Jacob Gwinner, salary . . H e r m a n Kruse, salary .. F r a n k Markey, sal ary ..

Emil Dam man, salary . . . E a r l Arnold, s alary . . . .

Benj. Zahn, salary Hen ry Nevroth, salary

A r t h u r Clark, salary Clyde Carpenter, salary . Jo hn Comiskey, salary Walter Fieldcamp, s al a r y .

Percy Whitlock, salary . . Edward Zeeb, salary . . . Geo. Schmidt, salary . . . . Henry Kolander, salary .

Albert Hoffman, salary . Elmer Rintz, salary

Oscar Rintz, s alary E a r n s t Heller, salary . . .

Ira Nev arre, salary F r a n k Ryan, s alary Laurence Chatterton, sal. Jo hn W a t e r m a n , salary . . Wm. Keihl, s al a ry Carl Nevins, salary

Fred W ad h a m s, salary , . Harold Gauss, salary . . .

Chas. Carroll, s alary . . . .

114.50 91.50

91.50 83.00 83.00 78.50

78.50 78.50

78.50 78.50

78.50 78.50 78.50 78.50 78.50 78.50

78.50 78.50

78.50 78 50 78.50 78.50 78.50 78.50

78.50 78.50

78.50 78.50

78.50 72.00 45.00

Fire Fund total salaries Vz month October , $2,464.50

W a t e r Works Fund H a r r y Willsher, salary Vv aiao Eisemann, salary

Fred Linde, salary

$ 72.50 75.00


COMMON COUNCIL Lorenz Fu rt hm ueller, sal. Robert Rowe, s alary . . .

Robert Young, salary William Zachman, s al ar y A. E. Hawkes, s alary C. W. Shetterly, s alary Donna Woodward, sal ary William Groves, salary J. C. Ledwidge, salary . John Ardner, s alary

75.00 70.00 65.00 62.50 70.00 100.00 62.50 70.00 70.00 62.50

W a t e r Worws to tal semi-monthly salaries . . . . $ 942.50

Contingent Fun d F r a n k Marz, sal ary V2 mo.$ 78.50 Fred J. Staeb, sal. V2 mo. 57.50 Contingent Fun d semi-

monthly salaries . . . $ 136.00 The Detroit Edison Co., N - P services $ 1.33 Mich. Bell Tel. Co., N - P

services .65 The Abbott Gasoline Co., material s 1,158.42 Sam C. Andres, materi als 9.00 A. & L, B a t t e r y & Electric bervice, materials 8.50

Consumers Oil & Storage Co., materials 25.07 C. i^'. H a r t m a n , m aterials 3.98 Huron Valley Chev., Inc.,

material s 7.07 Mueniig & Schmid, mat. 32.49 +-ienry 6. P iat t, material s 20.40 btaeoier Oil Co., m aterials 7'<4.14 'I'lansport Truck Co., mat . 9.93 Vv 00a n y d r a u l i c Hoist &

tiody Co., materials . . 3.06 Was ht enaw Motor Co., m a- terials .60 Jo hn Volz & Son. mat . .. 1.70 Modern P a t t e r n & Ma-chine Works, rep airs . . 1.00

Municipal Garage to tal $2,057.34 Wm. Austin, services . . . 54.90 Jim Acqui, services $ 52.80

Engineer Dept. Lawrence Bethke, services 44.00 K. W. Donnell, services . 87.50

Hen ry Ferenz, services 87.50 Wm. Housel, services . . . 100.00 V. W. McAdam, services. 100.00 Willard Ponto, services . 49.75

F . Schmid,. services 75.00 Louis Scovill, services . . . 18.00

Pete Stuhlman, services . 44.00

--OCTOBER 15, 1928 201

C. J. Sweet, services . , . 90.00

Eng in eer Dept. to ta l . .$ 803.45 W. L. P a r k s , services - $ 12.00 Edn a Schnierle, services . 25.20

F r e n McDonald, services . 25.00 The Detroit Edison Co.,

N- P services 23.87 Mich. Bell Tel. Co., N - P services 7.08 The Athens Press, office

expense 31.75 Banned Laundering Co., office expense 10.00 Burroughs Adding Machine

Co., office expense .75 Eberbach & Son Co., office

expense 4.71 Goodhew Floral Co., office expense 5.00 Leever & Leever, office ex-

pense 4,50 The Mayer-Schairer Co., office expense 101.25 I. G. Reynolds, office exp. 1.00 Schlenker Hardware Co., office expense 1.25 Geo. Wahr, office expense 16.26 Ann Arbor Foundry Co.,

materials 91.00 The Ann Arbor Railroad Co., materials 2.04 Detroit, Jackson & Chi- cago Railway, m aterials .53 Eugene Dietgen Co., mat . 8.46 John M. Feiner, materials .25 Jno. C. Fisher Co., mat. 21.65

Killins Gravel Co., mat . 2.27 P. T. Lamkin & Sons,

m at erials 32.50 Rempis & Duus Fo und ry

Co., materials 90.32 Millard Press, printing . . 26.40 Was ht enaw Tribune, print, 21.87 The Times News, contin-

gencies 1.26 City of Ann Arbor W a t e r Dept., contingencies . , . 500.00 The Mich. Central R. R. Co., contingencies 50,000.00 Geo. H. Sandenburgh, con. 8.68 City of Ann Arbor Munic-ipal Garage, M. Garage

(En g . Dept.) 64.70 Total $51,141.55 Contingent Fund total,

including salaries $54,138.34


Police F u n d W es tern Union, N - P serv $ Colt's Pa te n t F i re A rm s

Mfg. Co., office expense J a k e Domnitch, office exp. The Mayer-Schairer Co., office expense Muehlig & Schmid, office expense

Schlenker H a rd w a re Co., office expense Schumacher H a r d w a r e Co., office expense E r n s t Bros. Electric Shop, contingncies Weissinger Sign Works, contingencies

D. J. Malloy, m a t er ia l s . Sinclair Refining Co., m at.

The Union Pa in t & Var-nish Co., m at erial s . .. P r a t t & Stribley G ar ag e, re p ai r s City of Ann Arbor Munic-ipal Garage, M. Gar.

Total ?

1.22 21.00

9.85 15.10

6.40 11.20

7.20 504.18

3.50 7.15

1.98 30.00

.75 133.74 753.27

Police Fund total, in-cluding salaries ,. ,$3,007.77

Building Sidewalk Fu nd Wm. B. McMillen, services? 75.00 Thomas Hession, walks built by City 544.00

Building Sidewalk Fund total $ 619.00

Street Lig hting F u n d The Detroit Edison Co., light $2,646.77

W a t e r W o rk s Fu nd


L. H. W. A.

A. H. J. M.

C. E.

A. A.

O. P.

C. C.

Gerrick, labor ; Maier, labor

Western, labor Jedele, labor Gerstler, labor Gerstler, labor Duboloski, labor Soldato, labor

Sauer, labor Quackenbush, labor . .

Pokroski, labor Sturon, labor D. Conger, labor Kallas, labor

P a p p as , labor Steinmaier, labor . . ..

Y 58.50 80.00

64.03 66.63

64.03 57.60 48.00 60.00

52.00 50.79 61.50 43.20

58.80 39.90

59.10 2.40

B. P a t e , labor . . R. Cucksey, labor 9.60 9.60

Total labor $ 885.68 Geo, W ah r, office expense $ 2.00 Chas. F . Meyers P r i n t Shop, office expense . . . 37.50

Chicago Pneu matic Tool m a t er i al s 9.77 J a m e s B. Clow & Sons, m a t er i al s 153.15

Mueller Co., materi als . . 903.71 J no. C. F is h e r Co., m at. 19.37

Staebler Oil Co., materials 63.22 J o h n Volz & Son, m at. 2.75

Sam C. Andres, materi als 4.30 Ann Arbor Construction

Co., m at e ri al s 25.60 Schumacher H a rd w a re Co., m at er i al s 88.05 W a t e r Works Dept., m at. 1.20 Mich. Central R. R., m at. 34.14 Clover-Leaf Motor Truck

Tr a n s p . Co., materials .75 Detroit Edison Co., N - P

service 1,740.30 C. Clay Kingsley, land and s t r u c t u re s (on wells) 74.30 Julius F . H a a r e r , insur. 39.95 Ann Arbor Home Builders, insurance 75.00

Holland, Ackerman & Hol-land, services (on wells) 194.40 E. D. Arnold, services 102.80

Total $3,572.26 W a t e r Works Fund total, including salaries $5,400.44

P a r k Fund F red Cilley, labor $ 43.00

Geo. Davis, labor 59.40 Geo. Donahue, labor 59.40 Ben Foster, labor 64.80 Chas. Foster, labor 59.40

Hen ry Mager, labor 54.45 Geo. Mason, labor 59.40

E zr a Moore, labor 54.00 Claude W y m an , labor . . . . 59.40 Tim McCarthy, team . . . . 108.00

Total labor $ 621.25 Fiegel's, materials 6.00 John C. Fischer Co., m at e -rials 73.73

Total $ 79.73

P a r k Fund total $ 700.98

COMMON COUNCIL--OCTOBER 15, 1928 Street Fund Philip Adam, labor $ 45.50 Au g u s t Behringer, labor, . 16.00

L. G. Bird, labor 88.90 Otto Blaess, labor 60.00 Camdem Dempsey, labor. 60.00 Adolph Finkbeiner, labor. 41.20 Fred Hanselman, labor. . 65.00 Em. Holzapfel, labor 62.40

Sam. Kalmbach, labor. . . . 23.00 Wm. Keppler, labor 60.00 Samuel Lutz, labor 50.00 Fred Mack, labor 48.50 Fred Malke, labor 42.40 J a m e s Mason, labor 65.00

Geo. Menice, labor 60.00 Michael Morhardt, labor, . 50.00

Chris. Paul, labor 62.40 Robert Paul, labor 4.00 Chris. Pfaus, labor 12.80 A r t h u r Raus, labor 57.60 Otto Schantz, labor 60.00 Carl Schmid, l a b o r . . . . ' . . . 60.00 Carl Seeger, labor 20.50 J oh n Shanahan, labor.. , . . 61.80 Herm a n Stoll, labor 60.00 Theo Stollsteimer, l a b o r , . 45.50 Fred Ulrich, labor 84.15 Ike W a rn er, labor 50.00 Wm. Waym an , labor 50.00 Fred Bierman, tru ck 67.50

Sam. Burke, team 100.00 Phil O'Hara, tru ck 65.00 Carl Rehberg, team 100.00 A. G. Shaw, truck 52.50 Peter Stone, team 73.00 J a k e Young, team 27.00

Total , $1,951.65 The Detroit Edison Co., N - P services $ 6.01 Michigan Bell Tel. Co., N - P services .70 The Mayer-Schairer Co., office expense 10.75 Schmuacher Hard ware

Co., office expense 1.15 Austin-Western Road Ma- chinery Co., materials 106.05 American Railway Ex-

press Co., materials .72 The Ann Arbor Railroad

Co., materials 3.58 Detroit, Jackson & Chi cago R. R., m aterials 32.24 Michigan Central R. R.,

materials 36.80 Michigan Road Mainte-

nance Co., Inc., m a t e -rials 439.30 Schlenker Hard w are Co., m aterials .96 Ann Arbor Construction Co., contingengies 25.00 Geo. E. Karr, contingen-cies 180.00 Thomas Hession, contin-gencies 36.00 C. J. Snyder & Sons, con-tingencies 240.30 City of Ann Arbor Mu-nicipal Garage, M. Gazrag e 688.18

Total $1,807.74 Street Fund total $3,759.39

Recapitulation Contingent $54,138.34 Fire 2,464.50

Police 3,007.77 Building Sidewalk 619.00

Street Lighting 2,646.77 W at er Works 5,400.44 P a r k 700.98 Street 3,759.39

City Fu nd s total $72,737.19

Ann Arbor, Mich., October 15, 1928.

To the Finance Committee of the Common Council. Gentlemen: I have examined the foregoing accounts ag ai ns t the City of Ann Arbor, and I hereby certify t h a t they are correct to the best of my knowledge. Complying with Rule

XXI, the following w a r r a n t was drawn to save discount and is not included in above r ep o r t : Contin-gent Fund, Municipal Garage, Auto

P a r t s Company, materials, $65.07, ISAAC G. REYNOLDS ,

City Clerk. To the Honorable the Common Council. Gentlemen: Your Finance Committee has re-viewed the foregoing rep ort. We recommend t h at same be approved and t h a t w a r r a n t s be ordered drawn for foregoing accounts and t h a t action of City Clerk in draw- ing w a r r a n t to save discount be


concurred in. Graf, H a r r i s , Bradley, Severance, H. M. S LAUSON, K u r t h , Bursley, Townley, Lutz,

GEO. J. LUTZ, JR., Fisher, P r e s . Woodbury, 13. N a y s , E A R L *L. S E V E R A N C E , ^o^^-

Finance Committee. Ordinance Committee Finance Report Report of Public Hearing on Pro, , ^ ^, , , , ^. posed Amendments to Zoning Aid. Slauson moved th e adoption Ordinance of report, which was adopted by TO the Honorable, the Common following vote: Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Council. W u er t h , Maulbetsch, Graf, H a r r i s , Gentlemen: Bradley, Severance, K u rth , B u rs - P u r s u a n t to action of your Honley, Townley, Lutz, Fisher, P re s . orable Body September 17, 1928, Woodbury, 13. N a y s , none. a public h e a ri n g w a s held a t t h e

Aid Slauson presented bills of Council Chamber, City Hall, Octo-George Decker and of Louis Os- ber 8, 1928, a t 7:00 o'clock p. m., born, each for $62.50, for services foi- the purpose of h eari n g all per-a s special police at M. C. R. R. sons interested in proposed amendt r ac k s , and moved t h a t bills be or- nient to Section 2 of the Zoning: dered paid and w a r r a n t s d rawn for Ordinance. Alderman E a r l L. Sevamo unt due. erance acted as c h airm an of meet-Adopted by following v o t e : in g and t h e following m emb ers of

Yeas, Aid. Slauson, W ue rt h , Maul- Council were p re s en t : Aldermen betsch, Graf, H a r r i s , Bradley, Sev- Slauson, Wu ert h, H a r r i s , Severerance, Kurth , Bursley, Townley, ance, 4. Due proof of publication Lutz, Fisher, Pr es . Woodbury, 13. of notice of meeting in the Wash Na ys, none. tenaw Tribune September 21, 1928, Aid. Slauson presented the City was presented and orded on file. Ln g m e e r s p ro g res s esti mates, a p - The proposed amendment to Sec-proved by the Board of Public tion 2, if adopted, will change from Wo rk s October 3, 1928, as follows: c l a s s " B " to Class " C " the follow-Lab. Sewer Dist. 177--First esti- jng p r o p e r t y :

m ate, United Construction Co., Th at p a r t of lots 22 and 24, now con tracto rs ; amount due, $2,102.85. in Class ' ' B " zone, also lots 20 and

Lab. Curb and Gutter Dist. 125-- 21 of Assessor's Plat No. 8, to the F i r s t estimate, L. W. Dailey, con- City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, at t r a c t o r ; amount due, $1,086.30. the' n o rt h e as t corner of Division Lab. Curb and G u tt er Dist. 126-- and E a s t Huron Streets.

F i r s t estimate, L. W. Dailey, con- Also lots 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, t r a ct o r; amount due, $1,094.40. 23, 24, 25 and 26 of Brown and

Lab. Curb and Gutt er Dist. 151-- Kearn ey Subdivision, block 1 north, Second estimate, L. W. Dailey, con- r a n g e 14 east, according to recordt r a ct o r; amount due, $1,524.60. ed plat thereof, p ro p e rt y lying Storm Sewer--Awixia Road, first n orth of Eas t Huron Street and

angle north of Geddes Ave. to Len- west of Fo r es t Avenue, awee Drive; first estim ate, R. T. No one app earin g for or a g ai n s t

Liddicoat, cont ractor; am o u n t due, the proposed am end m en ts, t h e $1,321.29. meeting adjourned.

Storm Sewer--Highland Rd. and Respectfully submitted, Lenawee Drive; first estim ate, F R E D C. P ER R Y , United Construction Co., contrac- Deputy City Clerk, t o r s ; amount due, $765.90. Aid. Severance presented the

Moved by Aid. Slauson, t h a t es- following:, which was given its timates be allowed and Mayor and third r e a d i n g : City Clerk be instructed to d r a w AN OR DINANCE TO A M E N D w a r r a n t s for amounts due. AN OR DINANCE E N T I T L E D

Adopted by following vote: Yeas, " AN O R DIN AN CE R E G U L A T -Ald. Slauson, Wuerth , Maulbetsch, ING AND R ESTRIC TING T H E

COMMON COUNCIL--OCTOBER 15, 1928 205 LOCATION OF R E S I D E N C E S , tached hereto and made a p a r t of TR AD ES, I N D U S T R I E S , B US I- this ordinance, being designated as

N E S S E S AND T H E LOCATION the "Map of the City of Ann Ar-OF B UILDINGS D ES IG NE D FOR bor, Michigan, 1 9 2 3 - 1 9 2 5 - 1 9 2 7 - S P E C I F I E D U S E S , AND ES T AB - 1928, showing Districts for Use LISHING T HE B O U N D A R I E S Regulations," and said m ap and all OF DISTRICTS FOR TH E SAID notations, references and other P U R P O S E S ; PROVIDING AND t h i n g s shown thereon shall be as E S T A B L IS H IN G SET BACK much a p a r t of this ordinance as L I N E S AND PROVIDING FOR if the m at t e rs and thing s set forth T H E VIOLATION OF SAID OR- by said map were all fully de-D I N A N C E , " P A S S E D S E P T E M - scribed therein. BER 4, 1923; A P PR OV ED S E P - Except as h ereafter provided no TEMBER 6, 1923; A M EN D ED buildings shall be erected or alJ A N U A R Y 19, 1925; AM EN D ED tered, nor shall any building or S E P T E M B E R 21, 1925; A MEN D- premises be used for any purpose

ED NOVEMBER 21, 1927.'* AS other t h a n is permitted in ch? Use A M E N D E D A UG U S T 6, 1928. District in which such building or

The Common Council of the City premises is located, of Ann Arbor ordain: Section 3. This ordinance shall

Section 1. T h a i section two of take effect and be in force on and an ordinance entitled, *'An Ordin- after ten days from legal publicaance Regulating, Restricting, and tion thereof. Districting the Location of residen- Moved by Aid. Severance, t h a t ces, trad es , industries, businesses the proposed amendment, chang-and the location of buildings de- ing lots 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,

signed for specified uses, and es- 24, 25 and 26 of Brown and Kear-tablishing the boundaries of dis- ney Subdivision, block 1 north, tr ic t s l or the said purposes; Pro- ran ge 14 east, according to record-viding for and establishing set ed plat thereof, from Class "B'* back lines and providing for the to Class " C ," be adopted, violation of said Ordinance." Adopted by following vote:

Passed September 4, 1928; Approv- Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Wu erth, Maul-ed September 6, 1923; Amended betsch, Graf, H ar ri s , Bradley, SevJ a n u a r y 19, 1925; Amended Sep- erance, Kurth, Lutz, Pres. Wood-tember 21, 1925; Amended Novem- bury, 10. Nays, Aid. Bursley,

ber 21, 1927, as amended Aug. 6, Townley, Fisher, 3. 1928, be and the same is hereby Moved by Aid. Severance, t h a t amended to read as follows: the proposed amendment, chang-Section 2. Use District Regula- ing t h a t p a rt of lots 22 and 24,

tion s: now in class " B " zone, also lots In order to reg ulate and rest ri ct 20 and 21 of Assessor's Plat No. 8, the location of residences, trad es , be referred back to Board of Ap-industries, businesses and the lo- peals. cation of buildings designed for Adopted by following vote: specified uses, the City of Ann Ar- Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Wu erth , Maulbor is hereby divided into "Use betsch, Graf, Harris , Bradley, Sev-Districts," of which there shall be erance, Kurth, Bursley, Townley, four, known as Lutz, Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 13. '*A" Residence District Nay s, none.

*'B" Residence District Moved by Aid. Severance t h a t "C*' Local Business District ordinance be passer as amended. " D " Commercial and Industrial The Chair put the question. District. "Shall this ordinance, as amended, The City of Ann Arbor is here- be passed?'* by divided into four (4) districts Adopted by following v ot e: and the boundaries of such dis- Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Wuerth, Maul-tricts are shown upon the map at- betsch, Graf, Ha r ri s , Bradley, Sev 206 COMMON COUNCIL--OCTOBER 15, 1928

erance, Kurth, Lutz, Fish er, P re s . Woodbury, 11. Nay s , Aid. Bursley,

Townley, 2. Moved by Aid. Severance t h a t th e proposed ordinance to provide for the licensing of public gaso-

line and oil filling stations be r e -ferred back to ordinance commit- tee for furth er consideration. Adopted by following v o t e :

Yeas, Aid. Slauson, W u e rt h , Maul-betsch, Graf, H a r r i s , Bradley, Sev- erance, Kurth, Bursley, Townley, Lutz, Fisher, P res . Woodbury, 13.

N a ys, none.

Budget Committee Aid. Lutz made oral re p o rt t h a t the Budget Committee authorized

the Street Commissioner and Milk Inspector to a tt en d conventions, as requested, provided expense to city shall not exceed $50.00.

Sewer Committee Report

honorable, the To the Common Council,

Gentlemen: Your Sewer Committee respect- fully recommends t h a t t he m a t t e r of proposed lateral sewer on Geddes Ave., from Onondaga St. to City limits, on Highland Road from

Geddes Ave. no rth erly 260 feet, on Berkshire Road from Hill St. to Geddes Ave., and on Awixa Road from Geddes Ave. to angle, to be know as Lateral Sewer District No. 178, including th e re p o r t s thereon of the City Engineer, be referred to the Sewer Committee and said

committee meet in the room of the Board of Public Works a t atime to be fixed by the ch ai rm an of said committee, for the purpose of

m ak i n g due inquiry relative to said proposed sewer; and, after hear-

ing all persons interested therein and desiring to be heard, said com-

mittee report to t he Council a t the next reg u l ar meeting.

Respectfullv submitted,

A. E. Ku rth , Benj. H. Graf, F r a n k P. Ha r ri s , L. P. Fish-

er, J. A. Bursley, H. M. Slauson, Benj. F . Bradley,

Sewer Committee. Aid. Ku rth moved the adoption of report, which was adopted by

following v ot e: Yeas, Aid. Slau-son, W u er t h , Maulbetsch, Graf,

H a r r i s , Bradley, Severance, Kurth , Bursley, Townley, Lutz, Fisher, P r e s. Woodbury, 13. Nay s , none.

Traffic Committee Report To the Honorable, the Common Council,

Gentlemen: Your Traffic Committee respect- fully recommends t h a t t h a t p a r t of the request for 15-minute p ar k i n g

on N. Main St. in front of the Post Office, be granted. Signs t o be placed under direction of Police De p art m en t .

E. J. Allmendinger, Geo. Lutz, Jr.,

Traffic Committee. Aid. Lutz moved the adoption of repo rt , which wa s adopted by fol-lowing vote: Yeas, Aid. Slauson,

W uert h, Maulbetsch, Graf, H a r r i s , Bradley, Ceverance, Ku rt h , B u r s - ley, Townley, Lutz, Fisher, P r es . Woodbury, 13. Nays, none.

Lig h tin g Committee Report To the Honorable, the Common Council,

Gentlemen: Your lighting committee respect- fully submits the following recom-m en dat io ns :

100 c. p. light a t t he corner of Ferdo n Road and Shadford Ave. 100 c. p. light at the corner of Eb erwh ite Blvd. and Lutz Ave.

100 c. p. light at the corner of Brockman Blvd. and Copley Ave. Recommend changing a recent order for 100 c. p. light on W a s h - t e n a w Ave. in front of Buell prop-er t y to 600 c. p. light to conform

with other lights on W as h t en aw Ave.

Respectfully submitted, L. A. Townley, Geo. Lutz, Jr. ,

J. F . Wuerth, Lightin g committee.

Aid. Townley moved the adop-tion of report, which was adopted by following vote; Yeas, Aid. Slaus-.on, W ue rt h , Maulbetsch, Graf,

Ha rr i s , Bradley, Severance, Kurth, Bursley, Townley, Lutz, Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 13. Nays, none.

COMMON COUNCIL--OCTOBER 15, 1928 207 Bond and License Committee relative to encroachments on alley Report in r e a r of Elks' p ro perty on S.

Main St., and he was g ranted fur-To th e Honorable, t h e t h e r time in the m a t te r. Common Council, By Aid. Slauson-- Gentlemen: Resolved, t h a t th Board of Police

Your Bond and License Commit- Commissioners be authorized to a p -tee has had the following bonds Pomt two special policemen, to be under consideration and respect- f^'^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^ Contingent fund, for fully requests approval of s a ^ e : ^ ^ . . ^ . ^ r d ^ t i v e to lie " s i s on Oc: F o r Erection and Installation of fu^'^^iQ^^o^^ M ^^9^^^%^ ?^ ^ ^ Electric S i g n s - \f^l^ ^^^ ^7, November 3, 17, 24,

Ann Arbor Dry Goods, principal, Adopted by following v o te: 316 S. Mam St.; The United Yeas, Aid. Slauson, Wu erth , MaulStates Fidelity & G u a ra n t y Co. of betsch, Graf, Harris , Bradley, Sev-Baltimore, Maryland, surety. erance, Kurth, Bursley, Townley,

William Pa pp as , principal, 124 Lutz, Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 13. E, Huron St.; United States Fidel- Nays, none, ity & Guaran ty Co., Inc., surety. Moved by Aid. Slauson, t h a t the George F . Gratton, principal, City Clerk be instructed to pre900 S. Stat e St.; The Constitution P^^^ whatever blanks may be nec-Indemnity Co. of Philadelphia. ^ ^ ^ ^ 7 ^^ enable t h e counting

Pa s u re tv boards, serving a t November elec-'' T-. ^ . . . . , tion, to report the number of ar.nS''^^. Z ' r r P ^ ^ " ^ ^ ' . P^^^cipal, ^Q^J.^ they serve and t h a t the com-900 b. S t a t e ; The Constitution In- pensation for members of counting

demnity Co. of Philadelphia Pa., boards shall be $1.00 per hour, surety. Adopted by following vote:

Harvey Stoflflet, principal, 618 E. Yeas. Aid. Slauson, Wu erth , Maul-Liberty St.; United States Fidel- betsch, Graf, H ar ri s , Bradley, Sevity & Gu aran ty Co., Inc., surety. eiance, Kurth, Townley, Lutz, Respectfully submitted, Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 12. Na ys ,

T,D T, -cy xy ^1 T5 T, TT Aid. Bursley, 1. Crrai, A. E. Kurth, ^ ^ adjourn we do so to meet Bond and License Committee. Tuesday, October 23, 1928, at 7:30 Aid. Bradley moved the adop- '"'"'[''^^ F'J^-. . n T, ,^ tion of report, which was adopted ^ ^^^^^^f J^ ^ ' ' w ' ^ T v , M V

by following vote: Yeas, Aid. Slau- ^%^\^}.^- f^^^^^".' ^^^""^h ^S son, Wuerth, Maulbetsch, Graf, b^^^^^' ^ J ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ (TM) ' i ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ' ^i^"^"

Harris , Bradley, Severance, Ku rth , ?^^,"^%.^^^^^^b " ^ W ^ ' ^ K i ^ ' Bursley, Townley, Lutz, Fisher; ^ u t z , Fisher, Pres. Woodbury, 13. Pre s. Woodbury, 13. Nays, none. ^Wll''^'^^', -^ T, xr Q . T,^ *^ ' Matter of widening Huron St.

City Officers from Fifth Ave. to Fo r es t Ave. _ , ^ _.. ^ ^ was referred to the Street ComReports of City Treasurer, Clerk, mittee Engineer, Street Commissioner On * Motion of Aid. Slauson, and Marshal for month of Septem- Council adjourned. ber received and ordered on file. ISAAC G. R EY NOLDS,

City_ Attorney made oral repo rt City Clerk.


Receipts Contingent $ 2,930,47 Cemetery Sinking 00 Cemetery 10.00 g^ F i r e De pa rtm en t ^ Police

Poor Street 74.35 f^ P a r k 354.65 $ Street Lighting O Sidewalk Building - 136.75 H Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk ^ Wa t er Works General Fun d 17,150.39 Special W a t e r Wo rks (Com pletio n).

W a t e r D e p a r t m n t Sinking und 3,855.32 W a t e r (H y d ran t , Rental, etc.) g Uncollected City Tax 115.94 ^ Delinquent T a x O Sewer F un d s 138.27 ^ Pavement Fu n ds 582.15 Iz; Curb and Gu tter F u n d s 169.95 C .

O a

^ $ 25,518.24 ' g - 192,399.42

On Hand September 1st, 1928 $217,917.66 W a r r a n t s Paid 138,173.92 On Hand October 1st, 1928 $ 79,743.74

Disburs ements On Hand $ 23,879.41

275.50 5,072.29 5,281.33 148.00 12,614.17 4,608.88

2,636.49 1,507.44 6,873.75 28,450.03

8,846.19 24,505.53 13,474.91


$ 84,091.29 1,134.07

1,405.52 60,870.05 46,945.99 2,956.85 44,681.62 11,427.42 27,473.14 77,357.55

48,248.88 2,860.31


329,708.95 $ 79,743.74

W a r r a n t s Overdrawn Outstanding 1,628.39 40,894.93 1,868.98

92,992.74 143.503.79

7,390.30 28,640.89 12,788.93


$ 461.66

183.00 22.52 221.25 97.20



T, I ' t $3,108.53 00 o