Ann Arbor City Council Minutes, April 29, 1904

Publisher: Ann Arbor City Council

Date: April 29, 1904

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COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. 17 Council Chambers, April 29th, 1904.

SPECIAL SESSION. Meeting called to order by Pres. Waiz. Present--Aid. Gill, Hutzel, Schlenker. Miller, Kearns, Markley, Robinson, Pres. Walz.--8

Mayors Call. To Mr. Ross Granger, City Clerk. Dear Sir.-- Please issue the usual notice and call for a special meeting of the com- mon council of the City of Ann Arbor to be held in the Council Chamber on Friday evening, April 29th, 1904, at seven thirty (7.30) o'clock for the pur-

pose of considering the reports of the license and bond committees, and the

approval or rejection of any or all licenses and bonds which shall be be- fore the council. Dated Ann Arbor, Michigan, April

28th, 1904. ARTHUR BROWN,

Mayor. License Committee Report. To the Honorable the Common Coun-cil:

Gentlemen.-- Your committee on licenses respect-

fully report that the following appli-cations for saloon licenses comply T, with the requirements of the ordinance and we recommend, that the licenses

be issued upon the filling of the prop-er bonds to the several applicants, viz:

Richard Kearns, Philip Gauss, Col-lum & Roach, Wm. Corson, E, T. Alber, Kenny & Brack, Gottlieb Knapp, Fred G. Hass, John Schaible, M. W. Brillinger, J. August Waidelich, Nich-olis Schneider, Dorotha Goetz, W. F. Kapp, Jacob Dupper, P. F. Reimold, J. G. Schmid, Emil Golz, M. Staebler, John Maulbetsche, Joe. Parker, Gwin-ner & Paul, Fred Brown, Frey Bros.,

G. M. Meyer, Lewis Kurtz, Yanderlip & Gale, Wm. Goetz, Illi & Krauth, C.

Spaeth, Fred Besimer.

Respectfully, EMMETT COON,



Committee. Enter Aid. Schumacher. Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Gill, Hutzel, Schlenker,

Miller, Kearns, Schumacher, Markley, Robinson, Pres. Walz.--9

Nays--None. Aid. Hutzel moved th at the applica- tion of Fred Besimer for saloon license be accepted and added to list.

Supported and adopted as follows; Yeas--Aid. Gill, Hutzel, Schlenker, " Miller, Kearns, Schumacher, Markley, Robinson, Pres. Walz.--9

Nays--None. ^ Enter Aid. Goodyear and Sherk.

Bond Committee Report. Ann Arbor, April 29, 1904. To the Honorable the Common Coun-cil. Gentlemen: -- Your committee on bonds have had

the following bonds under considera-tion and would recomend their ap- proval. Constable Bonds. Principal-- Gustave H. Sodt.--O. M. Martin, sure-

ty. Martin Walsh.--Casper Rinsey, Ed^ ward C. Miller, sureties. M. J. Martin.--Moses Seabolt, Geo. B. Apfel, sureties. Frank Kopff.--Ambrose Kearney, R. Disderide, sureties. George Levere.--Chas. Neithammer, Wm. Lansky, sureties. Chas. S. Fox.--Chas. L. Miller, sure-

ty. Ernest H. While.--G.' M. Meyer, J. Henne, sureties.

Saloon Bonds.

Richard Kearns, Jr.--Richard Kearns, Sr., John T. Kenny,sureties.

Christ. Spaeth.--J. Fred Schmidt, John Maalbetsch, sureties. Fred G. Hass.--Oswald Dietz, Eugene Oesterlin, sureties.

E. T. Alber.--Fidelity & Deposit Com-pany of Maryland, surety.

Fred Beismer.--Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland, surety.

18 A P R I L 29, 1904.

Collum & Roach.--Fidelity & Deposit Co. of Maryland, surety.

Kenny & Beranek.--John Reynolds, Jeremiah A. Collins, sureties. Gottlieb Knapp.--Frank Ratti, Chas. Schott, sureties. Wm. Cofson.--C. E. Mallony, Jacob Dupper, sureties.

Philip Gauss.--Daniel C. Hass, Lewis Kurtz, sureties. John Schaible.--Eugene Oesterlin, Nate Horning, sureties.

M. W. Brillinger.--Christian Martin, Wm. Gwinner, sureties. J. August Waidelich.--Ernest Rehberg, Geo. A. Waidelich, sureties.

Nicholas Schneider.--Wm. G. Feld-haeuser, Geo. Lanz, sureties, ^Dorothea Goetz.--Wm. Goetz, John Goetz, sureties.

Vanderlii> & Gale.--Chris. Martin, Fred Brown, sureties.

Wm. Goetz.--John Goetz, Herman Goetz, sureties.

Illi & Krauth.--Louis Krauth, C. M. Meyer, sureties. J o e Parker.--Wm. Fohey, Alex. Ratti, sureties.

Gwinner & Paul.--Wm. A. Gwinner, David Laubengayer, sureties.

Fred Brown.--Jacob Dupper, Alpheus Gale, sureties.

Frey Bros.--Jacob Dupper, Wm. Goetz, sureties.

Lewis Kurtz.--G. M. Meyer, Geo. Krauth, sureties. G. M. Meyer.--Lewis Kurtz, Geo. Krauth, sureties.

Wm. F. Kapp.--Chris. Martin, Chas. F. Kayser, sureties. Jacob Dupper.--Wm. Frey, J. G. Fred Schmid, sureties.

p . Fred Reimold.--Michael Staebler, Chris. Gauss, sureties. J. G. Fred Schmid.--Jacob Dupper, Chris. Spaeth, sureties.

Emil Golz.~P. Fred Reimold, Gottlieb Betkie, sureties.

Michael Staebler.--Jacob Dupper, P.

Fred Reimold, sureties. John Maulbetsch.--Chris. Spaeth, J. G. Fred Schmid, sureties.

Liquor Bonds. Reyberg & Roberts.--John Kapp and

Geo. A. Waidelich, sureties. Vanderiip & Gale.--Henry Otto and Fred Brown, sureties. John Schaible.--Albert Marschke and

Henry C. Exinger, sureties. Joe Parker.--Wm. Fohey and Alexan- der Ratti, sureties. Michael Staebler.--Louis Kurtz and

Chris Spaeth, sureties. P. Fred Reymold.--Chas. F. Keyser

and Emil Golz, sureties. Wm. F. Kapp.---Wm. J. Clancy and

Chris. Martin, sureties. Jacob Dupper.--Fred tirown and J. G. Fred Schmidt, sureties. Gwinner & Paul.--Wm. A. Gwinner and David Laubengayer, sureties. J. August Waidelich.--John Maul-

betsch and Ernest Rehberg, sureties. Louis Kurtz.--Michael Staebler and

Fred W. Buss, sureties. Gustave M. Meyer.--Chris. Martin and Joseph L. Rose, sureties. Wm. Goetz.--John Goetz and John

Walz, sureties. John Maulbetsch.--G. J. Waidelich

and J. Fred Hoelzle, sureties. Emil Goetz.--P. Fred Reimold and

Math. Fischer, sureties. J. G. Fred Schmidt.--Jacob Dupper

and G. F. Stine, sureties. Mrs. Dortha Goetz.--^Wm. Goetz and John Croetz, Sr., sureties. M. W. Brillinger.--Louis Kurtz and

Fred Radke, Sr., sureties. Gottlieb Knapp.--Henry C. Exinger

and Jerry Collins, sureties. Illi & Krauth.--Fred Staeb and John W. Illi, sureties. Nicholas Schneider.--Math. Fischer

and John Burger, sureties. Fred Brown.--Jacob Dupper and G. F.

Stine, sureties. Fred G. Haas.--Geo. M. Clarken and C. F. Pardon, sureties. Chris. Spaeth.--Michael Staebler and Adam Sauer, sureties. Collum & Roach.--Geo. M. Clarken

and Oswold Deitz, sureties. E. T. Alber.--Geo. J. Mann and Au-gust Alber, sureties.

Wm. Corson.--Alfred J. Paul and Gott-fred Schoettle, sureties.

Philip Gauss.--Jacob A. Gwinner and

COUNCIL PR OCEEDINGS. 19 Ernest Rehberg, sureties. Richard Kearns, Jr.--Richard Kearns, Sr., and John T. Kenny, sureties.

Kenney & Beranek.--Jerry Collins and Patrick Kennedy, sureties. Fred Bros.--Fred Frey and Alphonse Lemble, sureties.

Michigan Union Brewing Co.--Wm. Hertz and Emanuel C. Spring, sure-

ties. Fred Besimer. -- Frederick Staebler

and Tobias Laubengayer, sureties.

Druggists' Bonds. Herman F. Miller.--Michael J. Fritz and John Schmid, sureties. Mann Bros.--Henry J. Mann and Fred-

erick Schmid, sureties. Adopted as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Gill, Hutzel, Schlenker, Miller, Kearns, Schumacher, Markey, Sherk, Goodyear, Robinson, Pres. Walz.--11.

Nays--None. On motion the council adjourned.