Ann Arbor City Council Minutes, October 06, 1902

Publisher: Ann Arbor City Council

Date: October 06, 1902

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OCTOBER 6, 1902. Ol'ancy, Kea r ns , Schumia'cber, Orose, Coon, Fischer, Pres . Haarer--9.

Nay--Aid. ICoch--1. On motion the Council adijourned.

Ji^S. E. H A R K I N S , Clerk.

Council Chamber, Oct. 0, 1002. Regular session. Galled to tord'er by Clerk. On motion Aid. Hamilton w a s made chairman pro tem. for the evening. Roll call: Present--Aid. Hamilton, Koch. Schlenker, Clancy, K e a r n s . Schumacher. Roberts, Grose, Coon,

Burg--10. Al>sent--Aid. Douglas. Johnson, Jen ney, Fischer, Pr e s . H a a r e r - 5 . Minute s.if p r e r i o u s meeting read and approved. COiJjMUNlCATIONiS AND P E T I -

TIONS. Mayor's Otfiee, Oct. 6, 1902. To tlie Honorable the Common CounGil: (Gentlemen--The untimely death of

Dr. John A. Boylan makes it necessary iov me to appoint his success>or a s supervisor .cf the 5th w^ard. Subject to j^our approval permit me

to name for t h a t office Mr. Geo. H. I-?hodes.

Respectfully, ROYAL S. C O P E L A N D ,


Aid. Grose moved t h a t the appoint-ment of Mr. fieo. H. Rhodes as super-

vise r be concurred in. Carried. Petitions for the raising of grade on S. State street from William to Monroe sti'eets. signed by N. W. Cheever, W. S. Hoff. et al., were received and placed on file.

A petition of George Scott, asking that g u t te r s on Pountai11 street and Summit street be put in shape t i take cai'e of the water, wa s received, and Aid. K e a r n s moved t h a t an appropri-ation of fifty dollars be made for the

repairs above i>etitioned for by Mr. Scott.

Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton. Koch. Schlen- ker. Clancy, Ke a r n s . Scliuniac'her.

351 Nays Rc'berts, Grose, Coon, Burg--10. -0. Ann Arbor, Oct. 6, 1902.

To t h e Honorable t h e Common Ooun-eM of the City of Ann Arbor:

Gentlemen--I would respectfully pe-cition your honorable body to order the construction of the following CTOSS-vvalks, to-wit:

Across Wilmot street ou the wesr side of Elm street. Acn.'ss i l a e k Road on the south side of Wilmot street. Across Mack Road on t h e west side of Elm street.

CHAS. A. W A R D . Referred to street committee. By Aid. Sch umac her:

Res rived, th at the State street gr ad e be left a'S it is. ('':iri id City of Ann Arbor. Board of Public Works, to d a r k e n & Schneider, Dr.

For put ting in s'ewer on Mon-roe street and E. University

avenue, as per ijrice agreed upon $100 00 Four ft. 15-inch tile 1 20 Oem-ent 50 To labor 1 50 To extra for changing 12-inc'h

run, I'abor 1 65


$104 50 Aid. K e a r n s moved bill be allo'wed. Adopted as foik'ws: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Schlen- ker, Clancy, Kea r ns , Schumacher, Roberts, Grose, Coon, Burg, Fischer--

U. Nays--0. To Koernke & Buckolz. Dr.: Contract price for bridge No 2..$757 50 Extra for laying flojr 10 00

Exti'^ for cast wa sh e r s (>0

Total 7GS 10 [jess 10 per cen 70 81


$691 29 t h a t l>ill Aid. Schumacher

ive allowed.

Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Schlen-

ker. Clancy, Kearns. Schumacher,


Roberts, Grose, Coon, Burg, Fischer-- 11. Naj's--0.

Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 15, 1902. B'jard of Public Works, Wm. H. McIntyre. Pre s.: Gentlemen--I herewith siubmit ap- proximate estimiate No. 2 of work done an d material furnished by C. J. Sny- der in gi^ading and graveling Hill street and Oxford Road under his eontr ac t with the city of Ann Arbor: 4138 cubic y a rd s excavation at

20c $827 <<0 1000 lineal feet graveling at 13c 130 00 224 lineal feet tile laying at 10c 22 40

$980 00 Less 10 per cent 98 0<)

$882 00 Paid on former e s t i m a t e . . . 500 00 Amount due $382 00 E. W. GROVES,

City Engineer. Aid. Schlenker moved t h a t bill be allowed. AdiLipted a s follows:

Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Schlen-ker, Clancy, Ke ar n s, Schumacher, Roberts, Grose, Coon, Burg, Fischer-- 11. Nays--0. Board of Public Works, Wm. H. Mc-r Inty re, Pr e s . ^ Gentlemen--I he rewit h s ubmit esti-mate of work done and material fur-

nished by d a r k e n & Schneider for ])avlng Ann street and constructing storm wate r sewer: 1589.5 squa re y a r d s p av i ng a t

$1.17 $1,859 72 1589.5 squa re yds. asp ha ltu m

filler a t 22c 349 09 414 cubic y a r d s excavatiion a t 10c 78 tjti 503.8 lineal feet curb at 70c.. 415 m 325 lineal feet IS-inch pipe at 05c 211 25

102 Lineal feet 12-inch pipe a t 30c 48 60 325 lineal feet excavation 6-8 feet deep a t 50c. 162 50

162 lineal feet excavation less than 6 feet deep a t 30c 48 GO

One man-hole at $25.00 25 00

Four inlets at $12.00 48 00 E x t r a for changing curb at

Main street a nd cutting off walk on north side Ann street to Fo u r t h a v e n u e . . . 156 97 Total $3,404 65 Less 10 per cent 340 46

Amount due $3,064 19 E. W. GROVES,

City Engineer. By Aid. Clancy: Resolved, t h a t the city issue its bonds in the sum of three t h u s a n d f ur lunnh'ed a n d sixty-five one-hun-dredth dollars to p a y ifor the paving of Ann .street, said ibond.s to l>e made p ayable a s follows, viz:

In ten equal a n nu a l p a y men t s with interest payable annually at the rate of foui- per cent per ann um. And be it further

Resolved, t h a t any t axp ayer shall b ; permitted to pay the whole or any gr eater portion of said tax than one-tenth at the time of payin g any tax.

And be it f ur th er

Resolved, t h a t the clerk be and he is hereby authorized to advertise for

bids for said bonds. Adijpted as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch. Schlen-ker, Clancy, Kea rns, Schumacher, Roberts. Grose, Ooon, Burg, Fischer-- 11. Nays--0.

FI N AN CE . Ann Arbor. Oct. 6, 1902. To the Common Council: Gentlemen--Your committee on

finance hav e the foil- wing bills under consideration and recommend their allowance, and t h a t waiTants he d r a w n for the same.

Respectfully submitted, P. M. HAMI LTON,

J O H N BURG. Committee. CO N T I N G E N T FU N D. H. Wi rt Newkirk, salary $ 8 34 M. E. Easterly, salary 12 OO

Marvin Davenport, s a l a i T - - - . *> 25 A. J. iSawyer. salary 5u 00 E. W. Groves, salary 100 00 ,Tas. E. H a r k i n s , salary 83 34

OCTOBER 6, 1902. 353 E. L. Seyler, s a l a ry W. H. Mc l n t r y e , s a l a r y

Clia'S. C. Van V a l k e n b u r g h , salary J a m e s E. H a r k i n s , compiliiig c h a r t e r and o r d i n a n c e s . . . .

D. W. Springer, e x a m i n i n g t r e a s u r e r ' s & cl er k's h> 'Oks WasMen'aw Times, p r i n t i n g . . The Record P r i n t i n g Co.,

p r i n t i n g brief, Corey ca se ... Ann Arbo r Argu s, p r i n t i n g . . A* h a s . F. Meyers, p r i n t i n g . . . . The At eh e n s Pr e s s , p r i n t i n g

Ro'binson & Co., livery P o l h e mu s T r a n s f e r Line, liv-

ery Michigan Te lephone Co., teleprones W a s h t e n a w L i g h t & P o w e r

Co., lighting Western Un'ion Te l e g r a p h Co., t e l e g r a m s 'Blanc*h M c E w e n . t y p e w r i t i n g o r d i n a n c e s Cook Hous<<, m e a l s A. L. I>evereaux, b r o o m s . . . . Wm. (i. Doty, services

W. N. Salisbury, s u p p l i e s . . . . Glen V. Mille. d i r e c t o r i e s . . . .

Bailey & E d m u n d s , supplies H e n n e & St a ng e r. r e n t on

ta bles an d c h a i r s W'csslnger Adv. Sign O)., signs Mrs. C. A. Green, r e n t Clarken & Schneider, s ew er on Mo nr oe st re et

S T RE ' E T F U N D . Daniel I^oss. s a l a r y $ Jno. C. Fischer, supplies

C. J. Snyder. lab>>or on Oxford road

Cha-s. A. Sauer & Co.. supplies Huts^el & Go., supplies Fi-^ed C. W e i n b u r g , s u p p l i e s . . Christian Schlenker, supplies Victor G. Benz. supplies

Sc h um a ch e r 's H-arware, sup-plies

E b e r b a c h P h a r m a c y , supplies J a m e s Donegan, rep. p i c k s . . .







15 19

2 4

34 50


00 00 85


50 50

75 6 00

16 56 787

1 30



10 61 06

16 50 7 00

4 2 45


3 29


75 70 00 25

75 50


50 $1,704 37

$ 83


40 136

34 22

1 24

If) 1





79 24

75 60

95 00

5! J


D., Y., A. A. & J. R. R. O ) , ^'T,e'ght 95 Siati' t^avjl;;gs Ba n k, a c c o u n t s { s^..aved 1,856 ^2 C. L. &ci!Peider, lal;or 18 -IS U'ui J. Clancy, s p i i n k l i n - . ., 2-tO OU

C. .1. hiivder, g r a d i n g Oxt'o;-.! r o a d 382 00

2,886 13 P O L I C E F U N D . F. H. W a r r e n , s a l a r y $ 7 5 00 David Collins, s a la r y 50 00 H a r r i s Ball, s a l a r y 50 00 Geo. Is be d . s a l a r y 50 > M. M. Sea'bolt, groceries 4 44 W. F . iStimson, groceries 71 C. Zuern, m e a t 45

$ 01 45 'B'RIiDGE,iCUI.V'E:RT cS: CROSSAA'ALK F U N D . E. B. M'cCullO'Ugh, br idg e wa sh -

ers $ 6 00 Louis Rolide, cemeBt -and l i m e . 572 45

Koenili:e & Bucliolz, T,bridge No. 2 691 29

$1,269 74 SEAV'EiR D I S T R I C T No. 9 F U N D . jSchueider Bros., 10 i>er cent wi th h e l d on co n tr ac t $216 34

iDOiG F U N D . T, . J o e Bliaekburn, b u r y i n g c ats $1 00 PAA'ING F U N D , D I S T R I C T No. 5.

d a r k e n & iSchneider, p a v i n g An n s t r e e t $3,064 19

R E C A P I T U L A T I O N . Co n t i n g e n t fund $1,704 87 iStreet fund 2.886 13 Police funtd 315 85

F i r e fund 706 86 Poor fund T, 61 45

I-iridge, culvert an d crossiwalk fund 1,269 74 'Sewer fund No. 9 216 34 Dog fund 1 00

P a v i n g fund, D i s t r i c t ' N o . 5 . . 3.0G4 19

10,226 43 By Aid. H a m i l t o n : Resolved, t h a t t h e r eport -be accepted a n d w a r r a n t s be d r a w n for the s a m e .

Adopted a s follows: Yeas--Aid. Ha mi l t o n , Koch. SChlenker. Cl'aaicy. K e a r n s , Sc humac her , Roberts. Grose, Coon, Burg, h ischer,

--11. Nays, None.

By Aid. H a m i l t o n : Aid. Clancy muved t h a t th e bill of

Ch ar le s A. J c h n s o n for $310 be refer-red to t h e finance coanmittee. Carried.

O R D I N A N C E Aid. Fi sc h e r offered the following o rd in an ce whic h w a s given its first r e a d i n g by title a n d on motion passed to a n d w a s given its second reading:

An Urdin^ance to prohibit and pun-ish t h e p r a c t i ce of sp ittin g and ex-

pectorating, a n d t h r o w i n g ba n a n a and o ra n ge peelings upon the sidewalks a n d w a l k s upon any street or alley, p a r k 'or public groun ds, or upon the

floors, s ta i r s or steps of any public hall, t h e a t r e or other building frequ en t ed by the p u b 1 ic, ur upon the floors of street ea rs or other vehicles used for public travel within the city of Ann Arbor.

An Ord inan ce relative to and enti-tled an Or din anc e relative to Transcient Tra'diers w a s given its first read-ing by 'title an d on motion it passed to an d w a s given its sec .nd reading.

Aid. Fische r offered for its third a n d final r e a d i n g :

An Ord ina nce to r e g u l a t e the si>eed of automobiles or ot her motor venicles.

Th e Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor i.rdain:

Section I. No person or persons shall drive or propel any automobile or a th e r moitor vehicle on any of the s t r e e ts >. f the City of Ann Arbor at a g r e a t e r r a t e of speed th a n seven miles an hour. And all persons so driving or propelling such vehicles shall slack-en their speed when ap p r o ac h i ng any

CTO'Ssing. sidewa Ik or intersecting street, to Ave miles per hour.

Section 2. Any person violating a n y of the p r o v i s l . n s of this ordinance shall be punished by a fine not exceed-ing twenty-tive ($25.00) dollars for each offence; and in the imiposition of such fine, the court may ma ke a fur- t h e r sentence t h a t, in the default of the p a y m e n t of such a fine, the of-

fender miay be imprisoned in t h e com-mon Jail f.:r t h e County of Washte-

n a w until thr- p a y m e n t thereof, for a n y period not exceeding thirty days.

OCTOBER 6, 1902. 355 Section! 3. This o rd i n a n c e shall take effect an d be In force, ten d a y s

from the d a t e of the p a s s a g e thereof.

Adopted a s fellow's: Yeas--Aid. H'amilton, Ko-ch, Schlen-ker, (Jl'aincy, K e a r n s , Sch umacher,

Roberts, Urose, Coon, Burg, Fischer, --11. Nays, None. By Aid. S'Chumiacher:

Resolved.That the clerk be directed 11 notify the Te 1 ep'hone Conip'any to

have the phone in t h e Schleicher- ves-idence placed in O. H. Oady's resi- dence. Carried. By Aid. H a m i l t o n :

Resolved, T h a t th e g^eneral election to be held on the fourth day of Nov-

ember n ex t be a n d the same is here-by ordered an d appointed to be held in the several w a r d s a n d voting p re c in ct s in the city of Ann Arbor a t t h e folJijwing i>laces, viz:

First Ward., At fhe G e r m a n school building on E a s t W a s h i n g t o n st.

Second W a r d , At the Second w a r d building. Third Wtird, At the M a y n a r d store. 123 Ea s t Anin 'street.

Foui'th Wa rd , At t h e T, F i r e m e n ' s Hall. Fifth Wa rd , At t h e E n g i n e Ho u se . Sixth Ward , At the En g i n e House. Seventh Wa r d , At W e i n b u r g ' s shop. Resolved, further, tliat the Board cf Registration in each of the several wards ofthe city a r e ap pointed to be held a t the following n a m e d places, namely:

First W-ard, At O. M. Ma r t i n ' s un-d e r t a k i n g rojim^. Second W a r d . At the Second w a r d building. Third Ward . At May^iard's Stoie. 123 Eas t Ann -L.

P\>urth W a r d . At : irem.-ni's Hall. Fiftli W i r d . .t i h r Eu-ni.- H-tnse Sixth Wa r d , At the En g i n e Hou se . Seventh W a r d . At We i n b e rg 's shop. Resolved, further, Th a t the City Clerk do give no'tice of t h e said elec- tion 'and of tire meeting of the several Boards of Reg istration p u r s u a n t to

law. Carried.

By Aid. Clan cy: Resolved, t h a t the gi-ading and con-struction of t h e sidewalk he rein aft er

mentioned is deemed a n d declared to be a necessary public improvement.

The ref ore it is hereby ordered t h a t a t a r or a s p h a l t u m sidewalk be gi-aded, builit an d con stru cted on an d along the east side of Main street a n d in front

of the pro p ert y k n ow n a s 618 N. Main street.

Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Ham i lt o n , Koch, Schlen-kei*. Clancy, Ke a r n s , Schu ma che r,

Roberis. Grose, Coon Burg, Fische r --U. Nays. None.

By Aid. B u r g : Resolved, t h a t a crosswalk be built acro'S'S S. Un iversity a v en u e on we s t side Wa shten'aw a v e n u e.

Referred to s iwe wal k co mmit tee. By AM. Schlenker:

Resolved, t h a t the board of public wo r k s be a n d they a r e hereby instruct- ed to move a n d place t h e w a t e r i n g t r o u g h lOin S. Main s t r e e t to t h e inter- section of iMain a nd Madison an d h a v e s a me connected in acc ord ance w i t h a former resolution, wi t h o u t delay. Carried.

By Aid. Fi s c h e r : Resolved, t h a t the board of public wo r k s be i nst ruc ted to t a k e u p th e tile a c r . s s P a e k a r d street at t h e inter- section of St at e street a n d t h a t it be cleaned and relaid. an d t h a t the a m o u n t of $15 be a p p r o p r i a t e d there-for. Carried.

By Aid. S c h u ma c h e r : Resol'ved. t h a t t h e board of public work s 'be a;nd a r e hereby ordered to p a v e t h e g u t t e r s on both sides of Glen a v e n u e fn^im Fu l l e r st ree t to Ca th eri ne sttreet, w h e r e not now paved, a n d t h a t

.^r>(> be a p p r o p r i a t e d therof,;r.

Adopted a'S follows: l^'eas-Aid. H am il t o n , Koeh, Sc'hlenr

ker, Cl'amcy, K e a r n s , Schumacher, Roberts, Gro'se. Coon, Burg, Fischer, --11. Nays. None. By AJd. Schlenker:

W h er e a s , in the opinion of t he coun-cil t h e g r a d e of the sidewaJk on t he w e s t side of (xlen a v e n u e o u g h t to be


changed amd fixed and established, to the end that such street m-ay he suit-

able for public travel; therefi:re Resolved, and it is hereby ordered t h a t the gi-ade of the sidewalk on and along t h e west side of Glen avenue

from south line of Catherine street to t h e north line of Ann street be. and the same is hereby changed, fixed and established, so th'at the grade of

said sidewalk tc^n and along the street aforesaid shall be ais follows, that is to say: At t h e southwest corner of Glen 'avenue and Catherine street, 842.00. At t h e northwest corner of Glen T,avenue and Ann street, 847.00. The elevation given being above the

official city datu'in and along t h e cen-ter line of such walk, and the gi'ade lines to consist of siti*aight lines be-tween the several points or stations

above stated. Adopted as follows:

Yeas--Aid. H'amiltan, Koch, Sciilen-ker, Oliamcy, Kearns, Schumacher, Roberts, Grose, Coon, Burg. Fischer, --11. Nays, None. By Aid. iS'chlenker: Whereas, in the opinion of tlie Cbuneil the grade ot the sidewalk oil the Eiaist side of Eldzabeth sti^eet oug'ht to be c'haiiged and fixed and established to t h e end that such street may be made suitable for public ti'avel. Therefore,

Resolved, and it is hereby ordered t h a t the grade of th e sidewalk on and along t h e E^ist side of Elizabeth street from th e south line of Fuller sti^eet to

the North line of St. Th om as Church I>ax)perty oe and the same is hereby changed, fixed and established,.so thnt

the grade of s:iid sddewalk on and a-long the street aforesaid shall be as

follows, that is to say: At the South line of Fuller st., 810.50. At 113 feet sonth of the Sonth line

of Fuller st., 825.77. At the North line icif St. Thomas' Church property 882.30. the elevation given being above the official city datum and along the cen-ter line of such walk, and the grade lines to consist of straight lines be-tween the sevxeral points or stations above stated.

Adopted a-s follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Koch, Schlenker, Ciamcy. Kearns, Schumacher, R(^berts. Grouse, Coon, Burg, Fischer, --11. Nays, None. By Aid. Chris ^Schlenker:

Resolved th at all walks, past due, having been duly ordered by the coun- cil be and are hereby referred to the Board of Public Works for consti'uction. Carried. Aid. Ciancy moved that the council t a k e some action in regard to remov-ing tlie water standing in the alley

back of Pol'hemus livery barn. Referred to the Sewer committee.

An ordinance to Amend an Ordi-nance entited an Ordinance relative to Street Railways and authorizing the Ann Arbor Street Railway Com- pany, passed Nov. 6, 1893 and approv-ed Nov. 9. 1893, was presented by title by Aid. Fischer and passed to its second reading.

On motion the Council adjournea,


Deputy Olerk.