Ann Arbor City Council Minutes, July 12, 1900

Publisher: Ann Arbor City Council

Date: July 12, 1900

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J U L Y 12, 1900, 341 Council Chamber. Ann Arbor, Mich., Ju ly 12, 1900 Special session. On absence of President Seabolt, Ald.'Hamilton was called to the chair. Roll call--Present as follows:

Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Schlenker, Kearns, Vandawarker, (jrose. Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer--10. Absent--Aid. Koch, Rohde, Brown,

Weeks, Pres. Seabolt--5.

Mayor's Office, Ann Arbor, Mich. To J. E. Harkins, City Clerk: Sir--Please issue the usual notice .and call for a special meeting of the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor to be held at the Council Cham-

bers on Thursday evening, J u l y 12th, 1900, at eight o'clock local time, for the purpose of considering the approv-al of the contract for paving Huron

street and the construction bond for such work. Also to authorize and em- power the Board of Public Works to change the curbstone on such work

from Fifth avenue to State street from Berea to Amherst blue stone. Also the acceptance of the proposal for sidewalk construction at Han over Square and directing t h e Board of Public Works to contract for the con- struction of the same and to consider the approval of the appointment of

a city engineer. Dated July 12th, 1900.


Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Coon, Jen ney --3. Nays--Aid. Richards, Schlenker, Kearns, Vandawarker, Grose, Bliton^ Fischer--7. By Aid. Bliton th a t the Board be

authorized t o accept the bid of Law-rence Sampfler for cement a n d t a r

walk on Hanover Square and have same constructed at once.

Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Schlenker, Kearns, Amanda warker, Grose, Coon, Jenney, BMton, Fischer--

10. Nays--None.

The contract and bond of Geo. H . Kneal w a s presented and read where- upon Mr. Jenney moved t h a t the word "east side'* of Ashley be substituted for the "west side." Lost as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Coon, Jenney.--2 Nays--Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Schlenker, Kearns, Vandawarker, Grose, Bliton, Fischer--8.

By Aid. Coon t h a t the m a t t e r of ap-proving the contract and bond of George H. Kneal be deferred until Monday evening for further consider- ation. Lost as follows:

Report of Special Committee: To the Common Council:

Your committee appointed with di-rections to seltte and adjust the ques- tion of city engineer if possible, beg leave to submit the following

report: W e have had a protract-ed interview with the President

of the Boaru of Public Works and the Mayor and in said interview

went over the whole question and unanimously came to the following


Th at Mr. Key be paid $200 in full for all services to date and t h a t his serv-

ices be dispensed with from this date and t h a t the Common Council do ap-

prove of Ed win W. Groves as city en-gineer.

All of which is respectfully sub-mitted. And your committee beg to be discharged from further consideration of th e subject.

GEO. H. F I S C H E R .

F . M. HAMILTON. Dated Ju ly 12, 1900. Aid. Jenney moved t h a t the report

of the committee be accepted and adopted.

Aid. Coon offered as a substitute t h a t the m atte r be laid over until Monday night. Not being seconded the pre-vious motion was adopted as follows:

Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Schlenker, Kearns, Vandawarker, Grose, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer--9. Nays--Aid. Coon--1.

34? C O U N C I L P R O C E E D I N G S ,

Office of Board of Public Works,

Ann Arbor, Mich., July 12, 1900. To the Common Council: The Board of Public Works kindly withdraws its appointment of J. B. Davis to the office of city engineer, an d have this day passed an order as follows: By Mr. Mclntyre: ,. .. ,. .

Resolved t h at Edwin W. Groves of Ann Arbor be and is hereby appointed city engineer of the City of Ann Arbor to hold such office during the pleasure of the Board of Public Works at a sal-ary of $100 pea- month.

Resolved further t h at this appoint-ment is hereby certified to the Commmon Council with a respectful re-quest that such appointment be con- firmed. By order of the Board of Public Works. J. E. HAR KINS, Clerk.

By Aid. Bliton: That the recommendation of the Board relative to the appointment of an engineer by concurired in.

Adopted as follows: Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Schlenker, Kearns, "Vandawarker, Grose, Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer--

10. Nays--None.

On motion the council adjourned. JAS. E. HAR KINS, Clerk.

Council Chamber, July 16, 1900. Regular meeting. Called to order by Aid. Hamilton. Roll call: Present--Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Schlenker, Rolide, Kearns, Vandawarker, Grose, Coon, Jenney, Bliton, Fischer -- 11. Absent--Aid. Koch, Brown, Weeks, Pres. Seabolt--4.

Minutes of previous meeting read an d approved. , ,


Mayor's Office. To the Common Council:

Gentlemen--I am compelled to return without my approval so much of the proceedings of the last meeting of your

Honorable Body as relates to the appro-^ priation of the sum of one hundred dol-

lars in payment of the services of George F . Key for the month of June, for reasons which I have heretofore stated.

I am convinced more thoroughly than ever t h at the common council is without power to appoint an engineer, or to employ any person to act in the

capacity of engineer, or to otherwise act for the city a t a stated or fixed salary.

If Mr. Key has done any work for the city during the month of June, it

has not been made to appear by the record, and I am without, as the com- mon council was without, any means to determine the reasonable worth of such

services. I am, however, fully con-vinced t h at no such service rendered as engineer was worth the sum of one hundred dollars. I am, therefore, un- able to approve of your allowance of the sum of one hundred dollars for such serv'ces.

All of which is (respectfully submit-ted. . 'T,T, \ -\A

GOTTLOB LUICK. July 9, 1900. Petition of G. A. Buelow and others

for a light on Felch and Miner streets was received and referred to lighting

committee. Entered, Aid. Weeks.

Petition of Silas P. Hill et al. for hydrant was received, whereupon Aid. Jenney, chairman of water committee, reporting same to be a necessity, Aid.

Hamilton, the other member of the committee, acquiesced with Aid. Jen- ney, and on motion of Aid. Coon the report was received and adopted as


Yeas--Aid. Hamilton, Richards, Schlenker, Rohde, Kearns, Vandawar-

ker, Grose, Weeks, Coon. Jenney, Blit-on, Fischer--12.

Nays--None. A petition to amend ordinance rela- tive to hacks, drays and runners, signed by Robison & Co. and others, received and referred to ordinance com-mittee.