Ann Arbor City Council Minutes, November 18, 1895

Publisher: Ann Arbor City Council

Date: November 18, 1895

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NOVEMBER 18, 1895.

COUNCIL CHAMBER, Ann Arbor, November 18, 1895.
Regular session.

Called to order by President Hiscock. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent, Ald. Koch, Prettyman, Cady.

Upon motion the Council resolved itself into a Board of Review to consider the report of the Board of Public Works relative to the construction of Sidewalks by the City. Ald. Butterfield moved that Pres. Charles E. Hiscock act as Chairman of the Board. Adopted. After the consideration of the report the following resolution was introduced by Ald. Taylor.

WHEREAS, this day having been assigned, for continuance, for the hearing and determination of the truth of the certificate of the Board of Public Works relative to the grading, construction and repairing of sidewalks adjacent to private property at the expense of the Street Fund for the year ending on the third Monday of October, 1895. and due notice having been given, and all persons having been heard, and due consideration having been had and it appearing to this Council sitting as a Board of Review that the said certificate is in all things true. Therefore

Resolved, and this Board of Review do hereby certify the said certificate with our determination as aforesaid to the Common Council.

Adopted as follows:

Yeas – Ald. Moore, Maynard, Allmendinger, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Coon, Butterfield, Pres. Hiscock – 12.

Nays – None.

On motion the Board of Review adjourned and the Council reconviened.


Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. 18th, 1895.

To the Common Council:

The Board of Review for determining the truth of the certificate of the Board of Public Works of the City of Ann Arbor of the construction and repairs of sidewalks do hereby certify to the Common Council of said City, that they have duly considered the certificate of the construction and repair of sidewalks as certified by the Board of Public Works and after such due consideration of said certificate they have approved and do hereby approve and confirm of said certificate, and of matters and things therein contained.
The Board of Review, Charles E. Hiscock, Chairman. Glen V. Mills. Clerk. Accepted, and leave being granted the following resolution was offered:

By Ald. Taylor.

Resolved, And it is hereby ordered that the several sums of money paid, laid out, and expended for the grading, construction and repair of sidewalks in front of and adjacent to private property, in the city of Ann Arbor for the year ending on the third Monday of October 1895, as set down on and contained in the certificate of the same are hereby assessed and levied on and against the several lots and parts of lots, in front of or adjacent to which the said sidewalks were respectfully graded, constructed and repaired, as appears in and by the said certificate, and the said assessment is hereby duly certified to the city assessor, and the said city assessor is hereby directed to assess the said several sums of money, with ten per cent, thereof added thereto on and against the said several parcels of land mentioned in the said certificate, pursuant to the charter and ordinances, in such case made and provided.

It is further ordered that the city clerk do certify this order and resolution to the city assessor.

Adopted as follows:
Yeas – Ald. Moore, Maynard, Allmendinger, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Coon, Pres. Hiscock – 12.

Nays – None.


A petition signed by the Ann Arbor T-H. Electric Company asking for the privilege of laying pipes from their works to the dam on Washington street was read and referred to the Street Committee. The Clerk laid before the Council the copy of the order of the Commissioner of Railroads to the M.C.R.R. for an electric bell at the Fuller street crossing. Received and placed on file.

To the Honorable Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor:

Gentlemen:--We have the report of the Special Committee on changing the name of Toledo Ann Arbor & N. M. Ry. and allow us to say it gives up pleasure to know it meets with your approval. We can assure you the Directors and Managers of the Ann Arbor feel a deep interest in the future prosperity of your city and will do all in their power to further the continuance of the past pleasant relations; believing it to be one of the most promising cities on the line. Thanking you on behalf of the Directors for your kind expressions, we are

Yours truly,
W.R. Burt, Pres. A.A.R.R. Co.

Received and placed on file.

Buffalo, N.Y., Nov. 15th., 1895. Glen V. Mills, City Clerk.
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Dear Sir:--

Mr. Henn returned a day or two ago and reports that he left the roller in first class running order. We feel sure the little things he found out of order, were not due to any trouble with the roller itself, and although we are glad in this instance to put the roller in order, or course we cannot assume the responsibility of keeping such matters in order. A steam road roller is an expensive and more or less complicated piece of machinery, and we think it pays any city to see that it is carefully handled and properly laid up for the winter.

Yours very truly,

The Pitts Agricultural Works.

Received and placed on file.

Pres. Hiscock stated that A.J. Sawyer Manager of the Grand Opera House had extended an invitation to the members of the Council to attend the production of Trilby. Ald. Maynard moved that the invitation be accepted with thanks. Adopted.

On motion the Council adjourned until Wednesday at 7 o’clock p.m.


Glen V. Mills, Clerk.